Effective starting: January 30, 2019

We at fuchsteufels GbR regard data privacy as a very important topic and therefore reduce the collected data (if any) to a minimum.

In this privacy policy, we point out on how we process and protect information of customers, that has been provided by them. By using our Atlassian Apps you acknowledge the term outlined in this policy.

Furthermore it applies to personal (specific individual) as well as non-personal data, collected by us. We do not share any information with anyone.

Customer Data, Plugins / Apps

We do not have any access to customer data beyond the information provided by Atlassian Marketplace (see Vendor Agreement for more information). We do not use this data for purposes such as analysis, except for data anonymized by Atlassian.

By evaluating or purchasing one of our products, we will receive the customers contact information from the Atlassian Marketplace, which then will be filed. Filing this information just serves the purpose of contacting the customer, in order to inform about relevant product information or changes regarding the privacy policy.

We do not obtain any customer data from the usage of our free Apps, only when being contacted via support email (see next section).


If the customer experiences problems regarding our products, he may get in touch via mail. We may request log files, screenshots and other information, in order to analyze the issue. The customer is free to transmit this data. All data, we receive during the process, will be only used in order to analyze and resolve the issue at hand, the data will not be used elsewhere.

Changes to this privacy policy

We reserve the right to change this privacy policy at any time in the future. If this is the case, the customer will be notified, providing the customer with the updated policy and the starting date. The continued use of one of our Apps after this policy has been changed, results in the customers acceptance of the changes.


If you have questions regarding this policy or how we handle the customers information, please contact us via email or send a letter to the following address:

fuchsteufels GbR
Adelberostraße 14
36100 Petersberg